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April 05, 2024

Chiro Treat Complete Branding &
Website Solution



Matthew Wilson




4 Weeks





Ui Ux Design

Web Design


Project Overview

ChiroTreat, a clinic that helps with spinal health, wanted to improve how they looked online so they could connect better with patients and show how good they are at taking care of people's backs. We revamped their website, enhanced their UX design, created high-quality content, and implemented consistent branding. Through research and collaboration with Smile Care, we developed a modern, informative website that enhances the overall patient experience.

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Their old website looked old-fashioned and didn't show how modern ChiroTreat really is. People had a hard time finding information, which made it tough for them to use the site. Not many people could find ChiroTreat online, so they were missing out on getting new patients.


We had to make the new website look modern but also show that ChiroTreat is trustworthy and professional. It was important to make the site easy for all kinds of people to use, from young to old. We also needed to make sure all the important information about ChiroTreat's services was easy to find.

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First, we researched what people like about websites for health clinics and what other clinics were doing. Then, we made a new design that was simple and easy to use. We used purple colors because they show trust and added pictures of spines and the letter 'T' from ChiroTreat's logo to keep things connected. We also made sure the website looked the same on phones and computers.

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Brand Square's expertise in web design, brand identity and digital marketing has been instrumental for my chiropractic practice. Their attention to detail and seamless execution exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and excellence. Thank You.

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Matthew Wilson

Chiropractor, Chiro Treat

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