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Our Brand Story

In Idku city near Alexandria, Egypt, Brand Square started our joinery of manufacturing premium home textile, hospitality linens, and furnishing products to serve manufacturing and trader customers.  The production of strong, durable fabrics was the main inspiration behind turning our services to covers all aspects of home textile production from A to Z.

With our manufacturing mill, high standard technologies, and design studio, we have worked to bring together a rich range of luxury products and hospitality linen, designs and color, and extra-value to each product we produce.

What differentiates us from ordinary companies is our attitude towards creative work. Thinking, acting, and achieving a better is what Brand Square does way. We consider our culture and systems to be core values and can be the driving force for new challenges. We have been able to leapfrog the industry, offering the latest in colors and original designs for today’s lifestyles. Our fabrics boast a strong success story that is suitable for almost any fabric usage.

Now, Brand Square is one of the fastest-growing home textile companies in Egypt and our products are being used in some of the world’s iconic stores. We have been conceived to meet the needs of the world’s most discerning customers, equipped with the latest generation of high-tech looms, and precision-control equipment that monitors every stage of production. 

Each of our weavers and technicians is trained to create and keep up the finest luxury premium products, monitor the quality throughout the weaving, finishing, and packing process, and solve problems as they occur.

We are highly committed to developing products that respond to global perspectives and trends. We have pride in solid production experience of servicing retailers as well as converters and specialty brands but have consciousness of being humble with the success and reputation that is built up over the times.

We are eager to develop and make our linen products and fabrics more advanced, live up, and surpass the consumers’ expectations.