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Jan 27, 2024

Joplin Studio Complete Branding &
Website Solution



Sophia Clarke




3 Weeks





Ui Ux Design

Web Design


Project Overview

Joplin Yoga & Meditation Studio wanted to create a welcoming space for everyone to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation. They needed a strong brand identity and an engaging online presence to connect with their community. Through research and collaboration with Smile Care, we developed a modern, informative website that enhances the overall patient experience.

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Joplin faced several issues that hindered its growth. They had a weak online presence and lacked a unique brand identity, making it difficult to stand out in the wellness community. Additionally, they struggled to build a sense of community among their clients.


Creating a unique and memorable brand identity was a significant challenge. Designing an easy-to-use and informative website was also crucial. Furthermore, increasing community engagement and highlighting the benefits of their yoga and meditation sessions were essential goals.

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We designed a calm and inviting brand inspired by the Salamba Sarvangasana yoga pose. We built a user-friendly website with detailed class info, instructor bios, and client testimonials. To foster community, we launched social media campaigns, organized client events, and wrote engaging content with photos for the website.

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Brand Square transformed my brand identity with their outstanding services. From captivating UI/UX design to engaging content writing, they captured the essence of my yoga practice perfectly. Their creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence are amazing. Truly exceptional in their field!

Brand Square - Happy Clients

Sophia Clarke

Yoga Instructor, Joplin 

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